WordPress Marketing Agency - Ads Pro MA add-on

WordPress Marketing Agency – Ads Pro Add-on

Allows you to create a really HUGE system to Manage Advertising on WordPress can be used 25+ ad templates and 20+ display types.

and Non-WordPress Sites (via iframe, can be used 25+ ad templates in default display type Marketing Agency Add-on can be used both to create a Global Marketing Agency 
users can sell ads on their sites you will be able to earn commission for sale ads or Private Marketing Agency you can sell ads on your sites

Your Key : pGlVBHzS0oXJKcCb6EWtlVM6Bef--iCXcH_qE9rUg1A

  • Main FeaturesMarketing Agency Dashboard
  • Sites Creator  add / edit sites 
  • Ad Spaces Manager  manage ad spaces / ads
  • Ad Spaces Manager add / edit ad spaces 
  • Ads Manager  add / edit ads 
  • Withdrawal Modulea lot of Ads Pro functions


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