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iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template Free Download

iMagz v1.25

ហេយ៉ា! សូមស្វាគមន៍មកកាន់ Pro Templates ថ្ងៃនេះ ក្នុងឱកាសនេះ ខ្ញុំនឹងចែករំលែក iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template ។ 
iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template is one of the best Advanced and Responsive Premium Blogger Theme and very well know for it’s Landing pages. 

គំរូ Blogger នេះត្រូវបានបង្កើតឡើងដោយ Jagodesain ។ ខ្ញុំបានពន្យល់ពីលក្ខណៈពិសេសទាំងអស់របស់ iMagz v1.25 Theme យ៉ាងលម្អិតខាងក្រោម ដូច្នេះសូមអានអត្ថបទនេះរហូតដល់ចប់។ 

ប្រសិនបើអ្នកដំណើរការគេហទំព័រ Tutorials ដែលបង្រៀន Coding, HTML, CSS ឬ JavaScript អ្នកអាចប្រើ Syntax Highlighter ដើម្បីបន្លិចកូដជាក់លាក់ និងមុខងារប្រអប់ Code ដើម្បីបង្ហាញកូដរបស់អ្នក ដូច្នេះ iMagz Blogger Template នេះគឺស័ក្តិសមបំផុតសម្រាប់គេហទំព័របង្រៀនផងដែរ។

iMagz v1.5 is the latest version of iMagz themes released by Jagodesain. iMagz theme is well know for its Landing pages which have 7 different types and very responsive theme and Mobile version also supported. iMagz Theme has one of the best UI design, SEO friendly, Adsense friendly, very responsive and fast loading template.

We can say iMagz v1.25 as an all in one theme For Example, If you have a online consultant website or online service providing website you can express the services that you provide through the 7 different landing pages, If you have a News or Online Magazine website you can use the Spilt post feature, Tab post feature or Full page mode to make the post more user friendly, If you have a Educational website you can use Blockquote, Note Block, Accordion, Tabs, Table and many features to make it more understandable

Nowadays all the trending Blogger templates support the Dark Mode and it is well necessary also to make it more user friendly so also the Designer of the the iMagz template has added a inbuilt dark mode toggle button through which users can switch between dark mode and light mode.



  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Valid Structured Data Google
  • Valid CSS3
  • Valid HTML5
  • Darkmode
  • Primary Menu
  • Menu Bottom
  • Unlimited Slots Ads
  • 3 Slot Ads in Articles
  • FontAwesome 6 Pro
  • Ticker / Breaking News
  • Featured Recent Post & Per Label
  • Recent Posts sidebar inside article page
  • Search Show/Hide
  • Unlimited Color
  • Lazy Load
  • Postmeta
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Related Post
  • Social Share
  • Sitemap
  • Related Posts
  • Sourcecode
  • Social Media
  • Back to top
  • More...
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