Grid Layouts - Split Screen Kit

Create a split screen effect in Final Cut Pro X almost instantly! This template is a collection of 15 animated grid layouts to create a multiple photo or video generator.

 Display 2-5 videos on the screen at once. You can choose from 5 different animation styles of each frame. Just drag and drop the splitscreen grid-layout to the timeline, insert your clips in the drop zones, change colors and you are done.
Password: BhOJGi2iH6dTZXONmZIQpRPgXwbCVQ-mxgKFVbnXGuU{alertInfo}

Create a modern travel video, corporate presentation, event promo, clean opener, mosaic slideshow or short youtube intro. A professional multiframe toolkit for all videographers and filmmakers to promote videos on Youtube or any social media. Videotutorial included, 4k ready.


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