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Apple Motion

Open the Apple Motion File (distinguishable with its Apple Motion Icon or .motn file extension). In the Publishing menu you can change any parameters and make any adjustments that you need (Inspector - Project - Publishing). To put your media please open the Layers pane and search "Drop Zone". Drag and drop your media in appropriate Drop Zone layers.To change text go to the Publishing menu or select Text layers and go to settings in the Inspector.In the Publishing menu you can change available colors and parameters.

Final Cut Pro

If you don't have Apple Motion: Go to Applications and right-click on your Final Cut Pro icon. Select "Show Package Contents". Then navigate to: Applications/Final Cut Pro/Contents/PlugIns/MediaProviders/MotionEffect.fxp/Contents/Resources/Templates/Generators folder.

Open your Final Cut Pro and go to your Titles and Generators sidebar.Browse and look for your installed Generator under each ldabel, or search for it using the search bar.Drag your template to your Final Cut Pro timeline.In the top right hand corner, you'll see a panel called "Published Parameters" appear. Here you can insert media, change text and colors etc.You can change the duration of the template by stretching it.

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